St. Elias Orthodox Church
Antiochian Archdiocese
716 Copeland Ave, La Crosse, WI
Temporary Change to Services

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In light of the skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 in La Crosse County, and for the safety of all, services at St. Elias Church will temporarily change starting this weekend.

There will be no Vespers on Saturday. Divine Liturgy and Matins will be closed to all except the chanters. The Sunday services will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel. You will find a link posted on our website. We encourage you to pray with us from home. 

Father Dionysios will wait at the church after Liturgy until noon for anyone who would like to receive Holy Communion. Please let him know if you plan to come for Communion. Please also read the Prayers of Preparation for Holy Communion and/or the service of Typika before receiving, and maintain the fast. He is also willing to give parishioners Communion during the week by appointment.

This decision has been made with the advice of the parish council and the blessing of Bishop ANTHONY. Thank you for your patience. God bless you.

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St. Elias is a small church that relies heavily on the generous donations

and regular contributions of our parish members, friends and those who have historical ties to the church. A sincere thank you for any support you can offer for the well-being and long term survival of St. Elias.

May God be with you!

  • Sat

    5:00pm Vespers
  • Sun

    8:45am Matins (Morning Prayers)
    10:00am Divine Liturgy
  • Sat

    5:00pm Vespers

St. Elias Orthodox Church * 716 Copeland Ave * P.O. Box 3176 * La Crosse, WI 54602-3176