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2019 Mediterranean Festival Menu



Recipes from generations before us are used to offer original cuisine that is still found in Syria and Lebanon today along with many other countries of the world.

Lamb Kabobs: grilled in front of you and accompanied by rice, salata, hummus and pita.  A truly authentic menu from the Fertile Crescent area of the world. 

Chicken Kabobs: everyone’s favorite, grilled to perfection and served with a yogurt sauce, made from scratch containing secret ingredients that have been in a parishioner's family for years. 

Syrian Rice: a treat in and of itself. Cooked with Orzo and gently baked in the oven.  Served with the Lamb and Chicken Kabob dinners. 

Salata: served with almost every dinner in Syria and infused with a healthy lemon and garlic dressing. The cucumbers are purchased the day of the festival from the farmer's market and combined with fresh tomatoes and mint from a parishioner's garden.

Falafel: for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Authentically made with ground garbanzo beans, cilantro, parsley, cumin, coriander and other herbs and greenery from small, local farms in the area.

Tzatziki sauce:  You have to try it to love it!  The yogurt is made from scratch with a starter and combined with cucumbers, lemon, dill, and homegrown mint. Perfectly paired with the falafel.

Hummus: not the kind you buy in the grocery store.  Made from garbanzo beans, soaked overnight and combined with lemon, garlic and tahini. Hummus today is found throughout the world with a variety of different recipes.

Zalaybee (zalabia, zalabieh): every culture has its fried bread and this hard to beat recipe was handed down from one of our early Lebanese parishioners.  Watch it being deep fried on the church grounds and covered lightly with sugar and cinnamon.

Greek Wine from "That Foreign Place" in downtown La Crosse (107 3rd Street S.) will be available for purchase. The owners of this lovely establishment will be available to "talk wine" and share the story of the family from Greece that grows the grapes.  Greek olive oils will also be available for tasting and purchase.

Ice cold beers and soft drinks!

St. Elias is a small church that relies heavily on the generous donations and regular contributions of our parish members, friends and those who have historical ties to the church. A sincere thank you for any support you can offer for the well-being and long term survival of St. Elias.  May God be with you during this difficult time.

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