St. Elias Orthodox Church
Antiochian Archdiocese
716 Copeland Ave, La Crosse, WI
2023 Inquirer’s Class - Introduction to Orthodoxy 101

Are you interested in learning more about the original Christian Church?

If so, join us for the Orthodoxy Inquirer's Class every Friday at 3:00 pm starting on October 14 until December 15, 2023

Free, weekly, online sessions. All are welcome.

To enroll please contact Fr. Nicholas Hanna via email  or by phone 608-782-8641

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St. Elias is a small church that relies heavily on the generous donations

and regular contributions of our parish members, friends and those who have historical ties to the church. A sincere thank you for any support you can offer for the well-being and long term survival of St. Elias.

May God be with you!

  • Sat

    5:00pm Vespers
  • Sun

    8:45am Matins (Morning Prayers)
    10:00am Divine Liturgy
  • Sat

    5:00pm Vespers

St. Elias Orthodox Church * 716 Copeland Ave * P.O. Box 3176 * La Crosse, WI 54602-3176